A taste of Africa

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A taste of Africa

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Why Saida's Kitchen

Our three authentic ethnic tagine cooking sauces help you experience a culinary adventure across Africa right from your home.

Each sauce combines a blend of intense spices and perfect texture. An explosion of vibrant flavors on your plate straight from the jar!

Our kitchen’s use of locally sourced produce and recyclable packaging ensures the continued care for the environment

Meet Saida

Welcome everyone, I am the face behind the sauce. The passion for cooking was instilled in me from a young age through my grandmother’s own love for food. My motivation to find a solution to my daughter’s allergic reaction to some sauces I would cook coupled with the love of food led me to opening my own business. My East African roots, life experiences and travels are all bottled lovingly into a scrumptious wholesome jar. The well-being of my customers is my priority and with that in mind, I take pride knowing I deliver high quality products, sourced ethically and suitable for all.

Our products

Saida’s Kitchen main focus

saidas kitchen african lentil soup


No added sugars or preservatives, low in fat

saidas kitchen african byriani recipe


Unique spices combinations

Saidas kitchen african aubergines recipe

Suitable for all

Vegan, gluten, dairy and allergen free

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Please note that our products are not currently in stock and will be coming soon .

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Our spiced vegetable Moroccan tagine cook-in sauce is inspired by the rich, heady flavors of Morocco and Tunisia. Authentically prepared with a blend of north African spices, tomatoes, onions, carrots and aubergines.. Product weight : 300g Mild

Our Somali tagine cook-in sauce is inspired by traditional east African sweet and tangy flavors. Authentically prepared with a spice blend of green jalepeños, sultanas, green peppers – and a dash of tamarind for sourness.. Product weight : 300g Medium

Our Ethiopian tagine cook-in sauce is inspired by Berbere’s distinctive spice blend. Authentically prepared with tomatoes, onions and a traditional blend of spices coriander, paprika, cumin, fenugreek, garlic & chillies. Product weight: 300g Hot

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Giving back


Building  communities

A percentage of our profits will go towards empowering women from rural backgrounds with education. Nothing is more important than building an educated generation