Food adventures at home with just a few spoonfuls!

All of our African tagine sauces and products are inspired by our founder Saida’s family recipes and different African cuisines. They have been authentically prepared with a selection of the best ingredients and spices, all carefully sourced.

Tastier, healthier, more authentic and superior texture

saidas kitchen african lentil soup


African food is mainly plant based. Our recipes contain natural premium ingredients, fresh vegetables, combined with unique blends of herbs and spices, no added sugar or preservatives and are lower in fat than other cook-in sauces.

saidas kitchen african byriani recipe


Get ready for an explosion of vibrant flavours! Saida’s Kitchen introduces unique and complex spices combinations developed over thousands of years of blending cultures. We deliver interesting textures with delicious crunchy vegetables.

Saidas kitchen african aubergines recipe

Suitable for all

Whatever your dietary habits or restrictions, Saida’s Kitchen products are perfectly suited to your everyday cooking. They are vegan, gluten, dairy and allergen free, plant based, and contain no GMO ingredients.

Our African tagine sauces are praised by customers

I could really be a good cook with that. I’d hide the jar

Wow, that is sooo good

It’s really really tasty. It tastes a lot better than I was expecting

That didn’t come out of a jar did it?

It’s properly spicy. I wouldn’t have to add spices to this one at all.

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