Our story

African food is renowned for its bold and distinctive flavours.

SAIDA’S KITCHEN offers you a culinary adventure with our range of delicious African cooking sauces inspired by the countries of this amazing and diverse continent.

Meet Saida, our founder

In Arabic, Saida means happy and, as the founder of Saida’s Kitchen, my mission is to share my traditional rich African food heritage with you. With my range of products, you will be able to sample the delights of African cuisine and make the whole family smile.

I was born on a farm in Mogadishu – of Somali, Yemeni and Italian descent – where we grew fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Food was central in our household. Both my grandmothers were good cooks and inspired me to learn the culinary secrets that had passed through the generations.  I particularly remember my grandmother making fragrant rice with spices packed full of vegetables, dried fruits, and spices, freshly made with green tomatoes and preserved lemon chutneys, as well as preserved spice paste. Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, fresh papaya fruit seasoned with lime and served after lunch.

The memories of the meals from my childhood inspired Saida’s kitchen, especially as I could not find the types of food I grew up with when I came to London. Inspiration became action when my daughter was diagnosed with allergies. So, I went back to my roots to cook meals that would enable her to share my experience.
Now, with Saida’s Kitchen, I offer traditional African sauces to enable you to cook treasured family recipes, that have passed from generation to generation, to enjoy with family and friends in your own home.
Join the journey of learning, sharing, and eating delicious food from the African continent today. Try Saida’s kitchen sauces and spices that offer cuisine and culture that stands out from the crowd.

Into Saida's Kitchen

Formerly branded SAIDA MIA, SAIDA’S KITCHEN was founded in 2017 when we launched our first three African cooking sauces & pastes.  Our sauces have been sold in over 40 small & independent shops across London.

In 2022, we made it to the final 9 businesses (out of 500 businesses) selected by Sainsbury’s Thrive Programme – its accelerator for Black-owned food and drinks brands. We are forever grateful for this fantastic opportunity to develop the brand further for future success.

We have many more African specialties bubbling away: Pastes, African dry spices and African ready meal kits are coming soon to our shop. Stay tuned!

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Why we care about the environment

At Saida’s Kitchen we care about the environment because we are here to educate and inspire you through the delicious food and spices of Africa. We feel strongly about social responsibility to flip the script on what you think about Africa and stay true to African culture in our business practices. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is part of the duty of care we feel towards people and the planet. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and, because we care about the future of our children and their children, the  work and contribution we put in today will pay off for future generations.

We believe in business done better

Here at Saida’s Kitchen, sustainable and ethical practices are part of our everyday business. Our values below are our daily reminder of what we will commit to you and the planet. 

Our products

Did you know our products are all vegan, dairy and gluten friendly, made locally in the UK, and stored in recyclable packaging? We’ve created our spices and sauces with you, and the planet, in mind – so you can rest easy that you’re not damaging the environment or contributing to unethical business practices. Find out more here

Our business

Celebrating African culture has always been our number one priority. At Saida’s Kitchen, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel but to revive the rituals and traditions of our ancestors. The most important thing to Saida is to promote healthy eating through the colourful food of Africa and introducing it in a modern way so you can experience African culinary traditions for themselves. .

Authentically African, always 

Much of the world has grown used to a ‘throw-away’ culture but, by following our recipes to create your own authentically flavoured African dishes, you can keep food waste to a minimum Saida’s mission is to reignite a much-needed gratitude for food in people’s hearts.

Giving back


Building communities

A percentage of our profits will go towards empowering women from rural backgrounds with education. Nothing is more important than building an educated generation